About Us


Harmonious electronic Solutions is a full service website development and design company that was founded in 2005 by Amman, Jordan and expanded to GCC, especially in Saudi Arabia.  In the past eight years we have helped companies that range from business marketing to credit cards all the way to education come up with the perfect website for their business.

What We Do For You

Harmonious eS is in the business of listening to your needs for your company and designing the perfect site that will boost search engine optimization and help you not only build your site but also build your business. We also provide high quality web hosting with email accounts and 99.9% uptime guarantee. We concentrate on the consumer and the corporate markets so we can help you whether you are an individual just getting started or if you are a big corporation in need of a new updated design.

We have helped several kinds of companies get their websites up and running with search engine optimization in mind, that is a huge factor in website design and development.  We know it is in your best interest to find a website development company that can also help you get started with marketing and the first step to that is search engine optimization.

We have an advanced secure technology platform that will ensure your security when running your business and your website.  This technology allows us the ability to concentrate on design, development and strategy on your website that will keep your business running for many years to come.  Harmonious eS will do a quick analysis of your company taking into account your wants and needs for success and then the website building will begin.

about us
Our Gurantee

Our work for you is 100% guaranteed. We guarantee you will be happy with the results of your site.  We will guarantee placement on the search engines based on the website design you choose.  We offer the highest quality product with a staff that is highly experienced and keeps up with the latest and greatest technology available on the market.

All our websites are manually constructed and our products are customized to fit your company’s desires.  We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that what is being created is exactly what you have pictured in your mind.

Our Skills

We have a highly skilled staff that is educated in computer programming, creative design and graphics design, project management, content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), technical consulting, HTML and JavaScript as well as the ability to write code for special circumstances, and much more.

What Makes Us Better?

We are not just a website design company, we work so closely with you that we consider our clients like family.  We understand that building and marketing your business starts with the design of your website.  We understand that the website may very well be the first impression of your company which is extremely important.  We also understand that in designing your website there are underlying factors that will boost SEO quicker than just posting your website.  We understand the importance of placement, marketing, appearance, and most importantly your opinion matters.  We understand this is your company and this should be done your way.  We are not just a website development and design company; we are the start of a business that could last a lifetime and more.